Health and social Surveys

We conduct surveys in Maternal and Child Health, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, Nutrition, Monitoring and Evaluation for Health and HIV/AIDS projects.

Gender Mainstreaming Surveys

We conduct gender mainstreaming surveys that inform institutions understand the extent to which gender equality is implemented within their institutions

Customer Surveys

Customer Satisfaction Surveys are done to identify the level of satisfaction with an existing product and or services for various customers. Consumer behavior surveys are done to cover product usage, purchase power and attitude.

Packaging and Advertising Testing

Assesses the impact of packaging; branding and advertising testing to measure level of recall. Mystery Shopper SurveysAlso measure Assessment of consumer shopping habits and response to shelve arrangements, left hand rule justification and, in store promotions.

Media Research

Assesses Media attitude and usage- listenership trends, viewership patterns, readership preferences and usage of social media.

Employee and Work Environment Surveys

Establishing level of employee satisfaction in organizations and performance gaps with an aim of recommending improvement areas for better service delivery.

Health and social Surveys

Corruption Index Surveys

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