Human & Institutional Capacity Development

Our approach on capacity development takes all three levels – Individual, Organizational and Enabling Environment – as well as their interdependencies systematically into account. Ultimately, capacity development does not only refer to the acquisition of new knowledge and skills but above all also to changing values and behavioral patterns.

BrandPro measures respond to the fundamental question ‘Capacity for what?’ and being based on the articulated needs of the beneficiaries and the direct applicability of the contents. Therefore, not only material resources are decisive; but first of all, strategic capabilities, competencies and abilities allowing to manage upcoming tasks but also to learn from experiences and to cope with changes.

Skills and Competency Assessments: What gets measured gets done.' Defining and measuring effectiveness – especially the performance of employees is a critical part of managers. A more complete way of approaching this is to link individual performance to the goals of the business. To do this, we use competency assessment surveys. These are integrated knowledge, skills, judgment, and attributes that people need to perform a job effectively.