Research and Development

We have built partnerships across multiple disciplines and use over fifteen professional consultants who have many years of experience in market and social research which include:

Market Research
  • i. Customer Satisfaction Surveys: Customer polling to identify their level of satisfaction with an existing product and or services.

  • ii. Consumer behavior: These surveys cover product/ service usage, purchase power and attitude.

  • iii. Media Research: Media attitude and usage- listenership trends, viewership patterns, readership preferences and usage of social media.

  • iv. Baseline and Customer Satisfaction Surveys: Analysis of current situation to identify the starting points for a program or project

Ethics and Governance Surveys
  • i. Corruption Index Surveys: An index of corruption permissiveness based on individual responses to survey questions may reflect the extent to which corruption is justified in different institutions; the surveys guide our clients in managing organizational culture and image.

  • ii. Ethics and Risk Assessment Surveys: Establishing positive and negative organizational ethics and integrity challenges and providing valuable recommendations for way forward towards improving ethical behavior.

  • iii. Employee and Work Environment Surveys: Establishing level of employee satisfaction in organizations and performance gaps with an aim of recommending improvement areas for better service delivery.

Social and Health Surveys
  • i. Health Surveys: we conduct surveys in Maternal and Child Health, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, Nutrition, Monitoring and Evaluation for Health and HIV/AIDS projects.

  • ii. Gender Mainstreaming Surveys: We conduct gender mainstreaming surveys that inform institutions understand the extent to which gender equality is implemented within their institutions