ABOUT BrandPro Consulting

BrandPro is a management consulting and Research agency
registered in Kenya, and operates under BrandPro logistics
and supplies umbrella. All through our existence we partner
with our clients to conduct essential research, training and
policy formulation for informed organizational decisions. To
this end, we serve as a resource. We work in partnerships with
private and public institutions, as well as individuals. Initiated
and developed with a view to local African requirements and
conditions, BrandPro activities are guided by the values of honesty, integrity, responsibility and excellence.

Our Mission:
To explore and build great brand value for clients by
conducting essential research, offering pioneering practical
solutions in an environment that is collaborative, progressive
and innovative; and advancing leading-edge insightful
execution based on our themes of Sustainable Enterprise.

Our Vision
A most Respected Solution Provider in management
consulting in Africa.